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Aug 292012

Curry leaf-flavored yogurt sauce

In India, curry leaves are known for their health benefits and hence form a common ingredient in tadka/oggarane (seasoning). These leaves along with a pinch of asafoetidaadd a lot of flavor to the dishes. Curry leaves tambuli is a dish that is mostly prepared in the coastal districts of Karnataka, mainly Mangalore and Udupi. This dish is generally eaten with rice, sometimes accompanied by a vegetable stir fry.

Ingredients for curry leaves tambuli

Roasted curry leaves

Curry leaves tambuli



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  1. […] Being from Mangalore, banana/plantain forms a significant part of our cuisine. While raw banana, banana plant stem, banana flower, and even ripe plantain are used in everyday cooking, banana leaf is used as a plate for serving the meal. This is a simple, yet tasty stir fry (palya) recipe that I am very fond of. This dish is best served with hot rice and rasam or tambuli. […]

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