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Dec 182012


Avial or aviyal is a yogurt-based delicacy made of mixed vegetables from Kerala and Udupi regions of India. Some of the commonly used vegetables in this dish are yam, plantain,  dosakai (i.e. Kerala cucumber), pumpkin, long beans, green peas, drumsticks, eggplant (i.e. brinjal), ivy gourd (i.e. tindora), and snake gourd. You can use what is available, and even substitute some of these vegetables with those that are readily available. Since dosakai is not always easy to find, I usually replace it with zucchini. The gravy in avial is generally very thick. This dish tastes best when coconut oil is used for seasoning (i.e. tadka).

Avial Vegetables

Cut vegetables for avial

Avial/Mixed vegetables in cumin flavored coconut gravy



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