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Apr 222013
Carrot Salad - Indian Style

Carrot Salad – Indian Style

Carrot salad with lemon dressing and Indian tadka seasoning, also called Kosambari in Kannada, is an easy way to incorporate raw carrots in the diet. I usually make this salad when our meal is mostly lentil based, and I want to add some vegetables to our plate. The tangy lemon juice, the aroma from the cilantro, and the flavors from the tadka gives this salad a mild, yet perfect, taste that leaves one craving for more.

Pink Hyacinth in Water


The day I made this salad, there were some beautiful blooms of Hyacinth in our living room. See the picture above – flowers looked gorgeous! I am usually disappointed with half-wilted flowers that are sold in grocery stores during winter – so, my husband and I decided to experiment growing our own flowers at home. We forced a couple of pink hyacinth bulbs in water indoors and the flowers bloomed beautifully! Hyacinth is a bulbous flowering plant that likes warm/spring weather during flowering after being planted in fall. Since it was winter, we had to take precautions and give these bulbs the right combination of temperature and light that would boost their growth and force them to bloom.

Ingredients for Carrot Salad

Carrot Salad with Indian Seasoning



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