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Aug 072013

Eggless Beetroot Cake

Last weekend, when my husband said he was in a mood to eat some cake, all I had in the fridge were a couple of beetroots! So I concocted an eggless cake recipe that involved beetroot and here it is! To my surprise, the cake tasted really great! I decided to add some cocoa powder to balance the overpowering taste of beetroot. I was a little skeptical how the cake would turn out. But the cocoa powder did the trick in balancing flavors and the resulting cake only mildly tasted of beet!

Beetroot Puree

Beetroot is an acquired taste and I know many people, especially kids, who are turned off by the color and smell of beetroot. This cake is a great way to sneak beetroot into their diet. Like greens, beetroot is one of the healthiest vegetables around and including it in our everyday diet definitely has its advantages ranging from providing a wealth of vitamins/minerals to improved blood flow.

Beetroot cake ready to be baked

Red velvet cake

Eggless beetroot cake

Beetroot Cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup



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  1. What about quantity,of sugar??

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