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Aug 122013

Besan laddu

Anyone who has eaten besan laddu will agree that it is one of the yummiest Indian desserts! Besan is chickpea (i.e. garbanzo bean) flour; and laddus are sweet ball-shaped bites. In India, these are often prepared during festivities or other celebrations/events.

The first time I made these laddus was when I was a student and it took little under an hour to make about 35 laddus for an event. Not bad, right?! Although, here I have made only about a dozen laddus, it takes about the same amount of time even to make about three dozen of these. So it is one of the best sweets to stock up! Also, as long as one makes sure that the besan/flour is roasted well, i.e. it does not smell raw any longer, it is hard to go wrong with this dessert.

Besan Laddoo


Flowers with besan laddoo

Homemade besan laddoo



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