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Welcome to Cookies & Curries, the new home of Haldi Mirch. We have moved from to Please update your bookmarks and links!



Hello and welcome to Cookies & Curries!

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About Me
I am Archana and I live with my husband and two kids in Atlanta. Cooking is my best stress buster and I have always enjoyed cooking for the ones I love. While experimenting with food is something I have always enjoyed, tasting new dishes is something my husband enjoys! In addition to being the taste tester, my husband is also the tech in-charge at Cookies & Curries.  Together we photograph for this blog in our home kitchen.

About the Blog
Cookies & Curries (previously Haldi Mirch) features vegetarian and vegan recipes from around the world, with emphasis on simple, healthy cooking with homemade ingredients. This blog does not preach about vegetarianism or talk about how to become a vegetarian. Cookies & Curries is just a glorified version of my Evernote notebook where I have been jotting down recipes for years now.

My Food Philosophy

  • I am a vegetarian and you will therefore find only vegetarian recipes in this blog, most of which can be made vegan with only a few modifications
  • I do not use egg in my cooking. All the recipes in this blog are egg-less.
  • I use fresh vegetables, fruits, and grains in my cooking as opposed to frozen and canned foods
  • I mostly cook food from scratch. Exceptions are cheese, bread and ice cream
  • In recipes that need sugar, I try to keep it to a minimum and use alternate sweeteners like honey/applesauce when possible
  • I use very little oil in my cooking
  • I consume dairy products
  • I use real butter while baking, although, I try to reduce the amount of butter in my recipes
  • I indulge in sweet or fatty foods once in a while, but only in moderation. And I try to substitute healthy fats wherever possible

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